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Jason A. Bradford

Breathwork Practitioner | Transformation Coach


Haylee Warner
Ayurveda Consultant

In Jason's Breathwork sessions you feel very safe and held to go through whatever comes up, to just allow yourself to release and experience without any expectation or pressure.


James Perez
Occupational Therapist

Rebirthing Breathwork classes with Jason are one of the most intense, intriguing, fascinating experiences I've ever lived. I just have no words to describe how enthused I am now. I feel powerful honestly, powerful in a sense that I can tune in easily to my “home frequency” where usually there’s noise, but now I can easily hear the “static” and I often associate that “static” to having alpha frequency brainwaves just like during, and right after, meditation. Thank you Jason for facilitating this.


Krista Dresbach
Millinery Designer

My work with Jason is by far the most loving, healing and life changing experience following years in expensive, lengthy, life coaching therapies. I feel so much self-love flowing from the universe and sessions with Jason showed me that. I wasn’t alone in facing hardships and I gradually opened up to a bigger purpose and sense of aliveness.

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I am not a healer. My goal is to support and empower you in your own healing process. 

In what areas of your life do you feel blocked? What have you already tried? What are your current goals? I will reach out next to schedule a free 30 minute clarity call. 

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