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Transformative Breathwork

Transformative Breathwork, also called Rebirthing, begins as a new relationship with your breath and the power of the breath as a function of the body. Circular, or conscious connected breathing, is normal for the body and this mechanism gets suppressed with the emotions and events of the past, possibly for some starting at conception.


Transformative Breathwork (which is circular breathing for approximately an hour) relieves the negative charge in cell memory. Breathwork sessions with me aim to facilitate positive change through working with the breath and taking responsibility for thoughts, feelings, and actions. The sessions will help to identify birth trauma, family patterns, inherited attitudes and specific negative thoughts. My aim is to support clients in using the breath to ground themselves safely in their body during emotional, physical releases and spiritual insights. This encourages the use of circular breathing methods independently. 


Conscious breathwork connects us to ourselves and gives an experience of present time. We can observe and make conscious choices from a clearer perspective and feeling of well being.

Conscious breathing feels good immediately; deep breathing threatens your suffering. When people come to me, something inside of them is ready to heal and let their burden down in reference to long standing issues from the past. An added benefit of conscious connected breathing is that the increased oxygenation contributes to the release of stress and an experience of more health and vitality.

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