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The Full Story


In 2012 Jason studied the Mikao Usui system of natural healing and received his first level Reiki certificate with master Gianantonio Corna in NYC, a result of seeking healing for chronic shoulder pain. After experiencing the healing powers of Reiki within himself, Jason embarked on a journey of personal healing that evolved into his path as a healer. Utilizing the next level of energy work with Reiki master Dr. William Kelley at Pyramid Wellness Center in Vermont, the wounds began to heal. 


In 2015 Jason completed certification in traditional Thai Yoga Massage at the International Training Massage school in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and has incorporated this ancient, healing modality into his practice. In september of 2016, after 13 years in NYC,  Jason was intuitively guided to relocate his practice and residence to Philadelphia and it was there he was connected with Tony lo Mastro and Maureen Malone with the New York and Philadelphia Rebirthing Center. With his newest mentors Jason began Rebirthing, a breathwork practice to get into the body and release old emotions, trauma and negativity, and the effects were profound. During his 4 years in Philadelphia Jason completed the Rebirthing & Transformative Breathwork training program and integrated this life changing modality into his practice.


At the present time Jason works with clients both in person and remotely. Virtually, from any distance,  Transformative Rebirthing Breathwork, distance Reiki and Goal Mapping are used to heal and release emotional trauma and trapped emotions, and manifest the life and body they desire. In person Jason incorporates a blend of energy work and hands-on, therapeutic massage that is tailored to each individual based on physical, emotional and spiritual needs. "I strongly believe in the body's ability to heal itself through deep meditation, breath-work, intention and stillness and I am honored to be a guide and space holder". 

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